Words of a Killer

Due to the fact this is based on real facts and events
I will refrain from posting any names or specific locations.

I was in the Ft. Lauderdale area today meeting up with my brother.
While waiting in my car at a barbershop around the way, I see a familiar
face walk by. It was ______. [lets call him 'B'].. B has been friends
with my brother since they were little. He's known as a hot head. Short
tempered as fuck. So straight to the point.

B' was telling me a story on some "this is what i gotta do to get
my mind clear". B' is known as a killer. I can personally vouch that
he probably off'd more than 10 people. So I was asking him like "Yo
you don't be feeling bad right before you go do what it is you do?"
Homie answered on some G shit like "Nahh.. I listen to my Mariah Carey
cd.. get my mind cleared and go do what needs to be done.. that simple".

Now in my mind Im like what the fuck.. I wonder if Mariah Carey had any
idea what people are doing after listening to Heartbreak Hotel or Touch
my body. Shit had me rolling on the floor tho.. I would of never thought
he would be bumping MC right before he go squeeze the trigg. =x

1 Response to "Words of a Killer"

  1. lmfao he gotta be a homo


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