Crack and Fold

I met this guy the other day, said he was a basketball player.
Said he might be the next best thing. Jordan type shit..
Said all he needed was a basketball court with a decent rim.
Until he got to the court and forgot how to dribble the ball.
Started Kicking it, actually.. He looked more like Pele than MJ.

At first I was a little skeptical about the situation.
Like Oh Shit this nigga bout to show me he really is the next best.
But seems like some people will crack and fold under the pressure.
Its like that movie where the previews got you rollin out the chair
&& you go to watch it and the previews was all there was. =[

+ the other ball player looked and said "oh he's one of those guys."
+ then took the ball away from him and started dunking..

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