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LivLive Jan. 16th 2010 Martin Luther King Weekend @ Revolution Live. Come out and party as we celebrate Karim Hype - from Supa Sound - Birthday. Performancing Live: Leftside [Dr. Evil] , Christopher Martin , Bugle , and Wayne Wonder. Music By Waggy T, Jazzy T, Black Chiney, Supa Sounds, and Steelie Bashment. Revolution Live is located at 200 W Broward Blvd.

Follow us to Marz

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Incase you have not realized, PlanetMarz has changed there twitter url. It is now -- Be sure to follow us as we will keep you updated with everything from music releases to party events. Also follow all the PME reps. Lets go!!! #MovetoMarz

PME goes to ATL

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PlanetMarz Entertainment will be taking a road trip out to the A! this weekend. I hope all our ATLiens are ready. Gonna go meet a few good people. Knock out alot of records with artist such as Dave Flyer, Re, and the World Athlete/Singer Shevon Stoddart. Expect to see alot of tweets and twitpics. Plus exclusive footage and tracks from the trip.


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Today, December 1st, is World Aids Day. Twitter has changed there Login page from a blue color scheme to a red one in support of WAD. It is very important that we practice safe sex. Please don't be a victim. Get tested. Make it a date by setting a date to go and get checked with you partner. There is nothing wrong with getting tested but everything is wrong with not knowing. Don't be another statistic.


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pro⋅gres⋅sion  /prəˈgrɛʃən/ [pruh-gresh-uhn] –noun

1. the act of progressing; forward or onward movement.
2. a passing successively from one member of a series to the next; succession; sequence.
3. Mathematics. a succession of quantities in which there is a constant relation between each member and the one succeeding it. Compare arithmetic progression, geometric progression, harmonic progression.
4. Music. the manner in which chords or melodic tones follow one another; a succession of chords or tones.
5. Astrology. any of a variety of methods of comparing the natal chart to subsequent planetary positions in order to establish an optimum time to accomplish things or to establish the probable time an event occurred or will occur.

I would like all our readers to take the time to read the definition of the word progression. Then I would like you to spend 10 minutes analyzing yourself. Since we are our biggest critics. I'd like you to ask your self, Am I progressing?

The moment a man ceases to progress, to grow higher, wider and deeper, then his life becomes stagnant. -Orison S. Marden

Be Thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. Very importantly, all the PlanetMarz members because without ya'll none of this would be possible. I'd like to thank our family and friends; Fans and Supporters, we will continue to return just as or more love as we have gotten from you. Enjoy spending time with your family and appreciate the moment. #Bless


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MNB TeamPME is looking for a new challenger. We are now 1-0 [def. DLeague] If you are apart of an entertainment company or music group and would like to take on the challenge please feel free to contact us. This is for 954 only. There is no prize or award #BrowardUnite

Jovi Rockwell, the Rebel Goddess, has done it again. After releasing her Single 'Killen Dem' she comes back with another hit with 'Ben' produced by Jay' Fresh' Garcia. Her anticipated mixtape 'PyschoTherapy' will be available for download tomorrow on RubyHornet.

Chorde performed live at Kitchen305 on October 22nd 2009 at the Talent Showcase for HipHopGossipByRanda. It was a lovely event and a lovely atmosphere. Chorde won the event and will be back again on the 19th of November to defend his title. Come out and support the movement. Thanks to Randa for making this happen - Support her site.

MNB | PlanetMarz v. DLeague

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MNB TeamPME v. TeamDLeague Monday November 16th @ Sawgrass Lanes 9:30pm presented by IamAshleyOutrageous & MindofthePoised. Its going down. Come out and support. We will be taping the game so expect to see tons of pictures and videos. Big ups to TeamDLeague

**Update: TeamPME won 2 games Best of 3
Congrats to all of PlanetMarz and the Bowlers [JayR, Omie, Katrina, Fresh, & Monty]
More pics and video coming soon check IamAshleyOutrageous and/or MindofthePoised
If your apart of an entertainment co. or music group and would like to challenge, hit us up.
Must be in the 954 area or willing to drive to bowling alley of our choice.

Need a Hit ?

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If you are an artist, regardless of genre, and is searching for a producer that can deliver high quality, radio ready beats then LBFresh is just the right person for you. He has done tracks for artist's such as Jovi Rockwell, Ras Penco, Brisco ft Nikki Minaj, and PlanetMarz own, Chorde. Stop wasting time on those Fruity Loop so and so producers. Neet a Hit? LBF Delivers.

Chorde x LBFresh Music Group

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Chorde has been spending his days lately in the studio working on his upcoming CHORDE EP - produced by Fresh/LBF MusicGroup. He is a little over 50% complete with it, and based on the feedback I've been getting, this one is for the record books. If you haven't yet heard any of Chorde's music be sure to check him out on Youtube, Myspace, and Twitter, where you can always find exclusives. His album does not yet have a release date but expect it to be available on itunes early 2010. He will be rapping up the year with a few shows in the South Florida area. Stay tuned.

Play Reggae

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Tonight Tonight Tonight. The Grand Opening of PlayReggae goes down tonight. This Miami Carnival Weekend Thursday Oct 8th 2009 - we have answered the call to the much needed upscale Reggae Vibe in South Florida! We present PLAY REGGAE THURSDAYS @ PLAY (formerely The Fifth) Sounds By Jazzy T & Friends.

LADIES I personally want to invite each and every one of you to come PLAY with me in South Beach This Thursday and enjoy the sexiest upscale reggae party to hit the beach. Every Thursday night you will expierence what the Caribbean scene has long needed and been missing, A SEXY UPSCALE vibe inside the sexiest venue on South Beach! Dont worry about parking, there is plenty of parking inside the newly built garage which is located directly across from PLAY and our valet will be available.

Monday Night Bowling

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PlanetMarz Entertainment and Friends will be at the Sawgrass Lanes each and every Monday @ 9:30pm. $1 Bowl, Shoes, and Beer. Come on out and join us in some recreational sporting activities. Sawgrass Lanes is located at 8501 N University Dr. Tamarac Fl 33321 -- 125+ Bowlers We will be posting top scores each week. High Score will be entered each week for a chance to win a Gift Bag. If you aren't that good, its Monday Night Football, so lets gather around the TV and cheer for our favorite teams. Also be sure to join the PlanetMarz Entertainment facebook page.

We also play Basketball every Sunday at Mullins Park in Coral Springs. Come out with your best five and lets hoop.

    PlanetMarz Entertainment is a premiere multipurpose artist management and development firm. We pride ourselves on having artist with top notch skill in music of all genres, matched by superior strategic management in getting there music heard. We are a firm believer in quality over quantity and always try to stay ahead of the game. One hit record can launch an unknown artist, but consistency will keep them on top. Once in a while we host/promote party and club events as well as other forms of entertainment such as fashion events and beach bbq. Keep updated with our calendar for upcoming events.

    Marvelocity isn't a secret nor a secret society.
    It is a group of talented young individuals, residing in
    South Florida, with one thing on mind. Success. We
    want it and we are out to get it. We live in a society
    where anything is possible with the [Mind&Muscle].