Rehab type iissshhh..

After spending most my night getting chewed out by the wifey while on the 'net,
I started to realize and learn more & more about myself. Its seems as if I
have an addiction. I'm addicted to a few things but for the most part,
Im addicted to being on the computer. I spend most my time on it. Whether its
Blogging, Myspace/Facebook, or just on AIM. I spend most my time online.

When I'm at work, Im online from 9-5.. I go home and Im online from
5-9 [] & after that Im either eating, cuddling w/ diamond,
or smoking. Personally I don't see anything wrong with it. I mean, While growing up
I was always on the computer. Like seriously, I watched my first porno
via the Internet. Its 2008 people, Technology is ruling our world. Seriously.
I do admit though, I spend a lot of time on the computer but who cares..

Atleast I dont talk like the txt'ers [lol,btw,lmfao] ok maybe I do ..=[

+Omie the Computer Junkie.. call me what u want just call me [Omie]
Signing up for Rehab via the Internet.. lmfao

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