What is the World Coming to......

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Mr. Sole Mentality
This video is more controversial than Don Imus calling woman "Nappy Headed Hoes".
I am disgusted in the way these men are treating women
and then trying to justify it with the words of the Bible.
I've seen extremist go as far as calling people out
and saying they are going to hell if they don't repent.
However, I never see them take it to this extreme.
These mere specs of organism ( I won't call them men because they do not represent real men at all)
are calling these women sluts, bitches, and all sorts of crazy shit.
You have to see this video for yourself....

7 Response to "What is the World Coming to......"

  1. garyj Said,

    how's a black guy gonna say that a black woman ain't shit? That seems messed up...not that the rest of the stuff here isn't messed up too. There are some people with some really messed up interpretations of the bible.


  2. Omie Said,

    crzy crazy crayz world we live in


  3. I AM NIQUE Said,

    Has the world come to something so low? I am shocked that these men have twisted the word of the lord in such a way. They had the audacity to call that women a "Slut" because she stood up for herself and kind. What kills me is that these are black brothers are preaching that they one day shall murder their black sisters, but see where the people on the corner who were listen came in wrong they never asked the write questions. They didn't realize that the Bible verses these men are reading from doesn't state a race or color but their preaching to kill and leave black women. And they didn't read the complete verse to their listeners. I'm saddened to see such ignorance in the world.


  4. KMarz Said,

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  5. This is pretty sad... If only they read the rest of the word that clearly specified the way gender relations need to be an equal and uplifting experience... not a battle of the sexes. People stay twisting the Bible to mean what "THEY" want it to mean... Its not a menu where u pick and choose which parts are true... An if all women were soooo bad why were there Female Judges? Or why did the Bible speak so highly of Mary? People like them serve only one purpose... Spreading confusion, Lucifer must got these niggas on payroll... Hope they dont talk to their momma like that.


  6. C$ Said,

    This is the most disrespectful shit ive ever seen. Im mad that these dudes actually tried to justify that garbage with scripture. Thats some shity reading comp.! I Love my Girls...these dudes is homo!


  7. KMarz Said,

    Them dudes are straight fags, What kind of slackness a gwan in America, them dudes just old and washed up with no job and mad chicks must of played them in there lifetime to be acting like that.


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