I Swear..

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Marley the Martian
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the 1st Edition of "I Swear"...
During this segment of the blog, We will be doing a little venting. aahhh relief =]
Got something on your mind? Need to get something of your chest?
Well here is you opportunity...
All you have to do is to comment on this post entry whatever you like.
Here is the catch. There is always a catch.
It will not be published if it does not start with "I Swear"..
&& yes you may post from [anonymous].

I'll start.. "I Swear..."

11 Response to "I Swear.."

  1. Mr. Stop the Bullshit Said,

    I Swear... the next focus with a loud ass exhaust making madd noise for no reason that pulls up to me is gonna get ran off the raod.. grr.. whats really good with all these cars/drivers thinking they speed racer. fuck outta here.. gas is way too high for that bullshit.


  2. Omie Said,

    "I Swear to Marley, the next nigga to disrepect is getting his Martian Mentality blown outta his dome. Fuck wid it ... [O]


  3. I swear...if I ever have to pay $6.50 for a gallon of Milk because of rising gas prices, I'm robbing the whole fucking grocery store. I'm tired of seeing area codes for prices like 407. If it ever turns to 954, I don't want to even think about what I will do


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I Swear....The next person i hear say What It "Dooski?" is gettin smacked.


  5. ocroney Said,

    I SWEAR............. the next time a ugly ass b*tch play me in the club slapping the shit outta them. Niggaz is just tryin to have sum fun n shit its nothin idk where these chicks get off playin niggaz when on a regular day (not tipsy) i wouldnt even let them sick on my fuckin small toe.


  6. Omie Said,

    I swear... there are two types of people ii hate.. COPS && TOW TRUCK PEOPLE..


  7. Anonymous Said,

    I Swear.. she puts a smile on my face. all day long. She knows who she is.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    I swear I hate my job


  9. KMarz Said,

    I Swear to Marz, This Movement is not to be fucked with you stupid Bastardz, go ahead try it.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    i swear planetmarz is offic-ial ..


  11. Omie Said,

    I Swear.. Slowly but surely


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