Right now I'm not in the best of mood. Actually im pretty fucking
pissed. I'm about 10 short minutes from killing the next muthafucka
to even look at me sideways.. Don't blame the alcohol. Blame the
person to put me in the mood that I am. Shit seems to be coming to
a sudden halt with everything, except life. To me, that may be the
worst thing because when everything in your life stops besides life
itself, the only thing really left is misery && who wants that. I
spent a really long time trying to keep my composure but I am just
to short tempered to keep in under wraps. Its been a really long
time since I got to spazz out & the truth is - it feel good. Well
besides the fact that I broke a whole bunch of shit and is now in
that "fuck why did I break that" mood which in return puts me in a
more pissed off mood and want to break more shit. Fuck I need some
serious counseling. Seriously. Think I'm gonna spend this weekend
away from society. Maybe full my tank up and just drive as far as
the gas will take me. No phone No computer No dealing with anyone's
stank ass bullshit. Like what the fuck I got problems I gotta deal
with.. adding your shit on my shoulders is only cutting down on the
fuse. Damn I hate when I spazz. At least writing on blogger is sorta
relaxing my mind. But then I cant write forever. && once the fingers
stop moving and the brain starts to focus on reality then its back
to the bullshit. So what am I to do ?? Maybe I'll go take a walk.
Even better release some stress and anger by working out. But how
much does that really help? I guess the only way to know is by
actually doing it. I'll let ya'll know how I feel when Im done.

+ Sometimes I wish I could fight to the death.
+ Then maybe I wold feel much better.

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