...and the story goes on

Pleasant Day/Night to all. How are y'all doing ??
Off back I'd like to thank all y'all that support PlanetMarz.
We get plenty of love from all over. Cali, DC, 'Zona, NY..etc
We really appreciate it. true story << cliche phrase of the day
Whether its a comment or an email. We read each and every one.
As far as reading every blog. I try to keep up with my blogroll.
PME is working && we are working extremely hard. trust.
Trynna schedule Sin and Chorde in the studio as frequently as possible
But sometimes its hard when it ain't your own facility. lol
Anywho.. We still and forever will continue to make music.
Expect a couple video's this week along with some new trackz.
Photoshoot is coming up. April 5th.. So expect to hear/see more.
uuhhhmmmm... oh yeah.. Shout out to Squad Deep [Ian, Nellz, Young, NaNa]
I got something I want us to work on.. Link up soon.
Back to the music Return of Sin City Mixtape along with Perfect Balance
Will be posting both mixtapes along with a bunch of freebies this week
So clear out your itunes -- delete the Gucci Mane && make room for PME
Also check out Sin and Chorde.

+++ [Kmarzz, Mz. Deluxe, AO, Oboogz, Sin, Chorde, JayR
Mz. Prince[$$], SoleMentality, Brianna, OrigiNale, Otis]


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    Marvelocity isn't a secret nor a secret society.
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