They Repo'd the Vehicle...

Everyone wants a nice car. Understandable. What cracks me up is the
Repo Drivers. Check the scenario. I'm driving down University Blvd,
going home after the Steelers beat the Cards for the Championship, &&
I see this Mercedes Benz at the light in front of me. Nice car. It was
the CLS 500. I'm like damn aigght. Homie must be making that moolah.
Until I realized that the license plate holder said or
something of that sort. Which made me think. Is it that serious to be
driving a Benz? People would rather spend 27 thou at a repo lot buying
a used benz than buying a brand new Honda. Shit. I'm content with my
Dodge Charger. Atleast I know I bought it brand new and whatever happens
to it is my fault. Anywho... that was just something that made me chuckle
and felt like I should share my thoughts on the "I gotta Benz from the Repo"
drivers, pretending like they just dropped 90'gs at the dealer. oohh lawwdy.

+ He could of atleast taken the license plate holder off.
+ If he gonna front atleast be good at it. tisk tisk.

4 Response to "They Repo'd the Vehicle..."

  1. I think people want the "status" that comes with driving a car like that?

    you know dude was hella happy and feeling himself though ;)



  2. Nellz Said,

    thats mad funny... ummm I would not want that name on my tag


  3. LMFAO!! hell nah I would of took the plate off before I left the lot if that was me, but I'm a Honda lover so that wouldn't be me.

    -- OMG I was re-watching the video and I think you might be right about J. Hud

    ---And the chester french/ jamaican thing was a inside joke too my home-girl I should put that huh? But I'm glad someone else appreciates the song too your the 3rd person I know so far (smh).


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