Talentless Acts

Whats goody World? PlanetMarz? I been so freaking busy. I've been in the
studio for the past 2 weeks. Been working with the Allfaces roster plus
working with Sin on his project. Tons of work and I'm loving it. Been
dealing with a roster war at the label. Too many artist and not enough
talent. Geez !! I always had thought you needed talent and skill to
be a musician. Goldie proved me wrong. Anyway, Today might be the only
day this week I don't lock myself in the control booth blasting music in
my ear. Gonna make it a rather easy day for myself. Expect a bunch of
killer verses dropping all next month from Sin. He been on his shit and
steady spittin lava. Plus couple singles gonna be released and available
on itunes and rhapsody later this month or next month from a few people
on the AllFaces Roster. Still no internet til Friday. To be continued...

+ music that makes your ears bleed - literally.
+ PlanetMarz Ent. // Allfaces Music Group

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    PlanetMarz Entertainment is a premiere multipurpose artist management and development firm. We pride ourselves on having artist with top notch skill in music of all genres, matched by superior strategic management in getting there music heard. We are a firm believer in quality over quantity and always try to stay ahead of the game. One hit record can launch an unknown artist, but consistency will keep them on top. Once in a while we host/promote party and club events as well as other forms of entertainment such as fashion events and beach bbq. Keep updated with our calendar for upcoming events.

    Marvelocity isn't a secret nor a secret society.
    It is a group of talented young individuals, residing in
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