Dinner is Served

Question for the Ladies..
Could you marry a guy that did not know how to cook ??

If it was 1940, maybe it would be okay, but its not. Its 2009 and it
seems as if there are still grown men that do not know how to cook a
meal. Oh lordy. Ladies Im gonna blame this one on ya'll [&& the mom]

Ya ii know I didnt cook a 5 star meal but I do what I gotta do. Its
a shame ya'll chicks stay satisfied with your man bringing you home
Wendy's and a large sprite. Tisk Tisk. Ya'll already know what he
gonna say once you put on some extra baggage right ??

+ Talapia and Steamed Vegetables for mi chicamor << girlfriend
+ Chicken Wings and Mac/Cheese for Omie . Yum Yum

9 Response to "Dinner is Served"

  1. Jillian Said,

    gotta luv a man that can cook..i come from a culture where men do a lot of the cooking...but it's not a deal breaker for me hahahaha...


  2. BrittNicole Said,

    hmmmmm.. its almost 2am and now i want food.
    yes alll guys should know how to cook.. if they dont then they need to learn...
    starving now.


  3. yes yes im so0o damn lucky i caught a cooking fish lmao heyy dont knock the wendys i bring you wendys sometimes lmao


  4. yes yes im so0o damn lucky i caught a cooking fish lmao heyy dont knock the wendys i bring you wendys sometimes lmao


  5. JuJu Said,

    you are sooo right; lmao @ what is he gonna say when you put on that extra baggage? aint that the truth.. and awwh you cooked two seperate meals.. that's wussup!!


  6. I'm the mommy type so I like to cook, but he has to know how to do simple things I think its the Jamaican blood in me that won't let me settle for a lazy dude. And if a guy is trying to be with me and can't cook he'll have a hard time since I don't eat out like that (who knows what they do to your food eww).


  7. Lyrik Marie Said,

    SMHH ... I feel bad for the man I'm gonna marry .. Especially if he doesn't know how 2 cook .. Cuz I can't cook either .. I guess we'll eat fruit loops or PB&J sandwiches every night ...


  8. Nellz Said,

    lol well david is getting better but im the no junk at the border line of thickness... smh and that food is looking sooo right....


  9. Jaz Gill Said,

    why is everything on da plates so dag on neat!

    This isnt the food network lol


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