Last night was an incredible night. I went to my girlfriend? surprise
birthday party and I must say even though she may have known
I'm the one that got the surprise of my life. I finally got to meet Connie
and the Simply Me staff and oh boy what a shocker. They had me on the
hot seat with the interogation spotlight on for about an hour.

have your ever had sex in my bed?
are you and diamond together?
We were gonna clean out her cob webbs..

I felt so uncomfortable but at the same time I could see by there
eyes that they felt the same way but there were some question's that
needed some answers. On both parts. Lets just say I feel so disgusted.
By the end of the night I honestly wanted to throw up >
could of been the grey goose/cranberry and coronas [don't ever mix]
All I know is that the one person I thought I knew,
I found out that I don't.

I also had the most intense conversation with Momma Deluxe. =]
Honestly if it wasn't for her there probably would be no relationship.
Without her I wouldn't be able to keep sane and I definitely wouldn't
understand why her daughter is the way she is... Last night was an
eye opener for me...

+ Just comes to show that...=x
+ Couldn't of been a more perfect night.
+ For the record - she agree'd to the cob webb cleaning
- wow. smh. lol. wtf.

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