Words wont make me Bleed

"Yeah I'm threatening ya, YEAH I'm threatening ya!
Who you thank you dealin with? They call me Threats,
nigga I been makin threats since I been in kindergarten nigga!
Huh, ask about me, see if you ain't heard"_Jayz -Threats

If there is one thing I hate more than broken promises, It would have
to be 'threats'. I feel threatened by no man or woman. Especially not by
words. If your gonna threaten me, the best way to do it would be to put
the gun to my head and actually pull the trigger, other than that, your
words has no effect on me. My skull is too thick, My Heart is too cold,
&& My brain just doesn't grasp the idea that anything you could
possibly say will hurt me. Momma Glenn always said 'sticks and stones
may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'... So with all that said,
if we are in some kind or argument and you go off making threats, even
saying something as simple as " Oo werd" or "aighhtt, I gotcha", just know that
somewhere in that crazy mind of mine, Im laughing harder than ever, knowing
that all your doing is wasting your time.

+ By the way, I have a 'threat-o-meter' [lolz] that measures and displays
exactly how serious the threat is. Low-Guarded-Elevated-High-Severe.
So unless you put a gun to my head && actually pull the trigger, your words
are just another episode of Itz Pimpin, Pimpin.. =]

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