Same Book. Same Chapter.

I one day plan on dying after living the 'perfect' life [emphasis on perfect].
Now your probably reading this thinking to yourself, Omie must of hit his noggin.
Well no I didn't. Everyone has this theory that there is no such thing as perfection.
Well I can completely understand why you may think such a thing.
While on the other hand, I beg to differ. Who's to decide what exactly is 'perfect' ??
You, me, him, her ?? Well whether I live to be 22 or 82, I refuse to live
an imperfect life. Understand where I'm coming from. Run a marathon with me
really quick... I may not be the perfect person, but without a doubt, I'm the perfect
Omie && I dare you to prove me wrong. Yes, In your eyes I may have made
a few mistakes, took a wrong turn, or even walked a few steps backwards,
but who is to say that's not the direction I meant to go ?? What you may see as
a far off world, I see as being right on target. Proudly I can stand and yell...
I, Omie [lastname], is living a perfect life && will continue to do so =]

+ Smiling on the hour; Every Hour. 2antennaz^

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