The Overthinker

I've been called and classified many different names in my lifetime but
never before has someone called me an Overthinker, til tonight that is.
As I sat there grasping my thoughts whether I was to take it as a compliment
or as an insult I decided well maybe I should analyze the terminology first.
An Overthinker ? 'hhmmm' I thought to myself "there I go overthinking again".
Nonetheless, to me an overthinker would be someone who looks too deeply
into any situation, and often over analyzes everything. Well who's to say that
being an Overthinker is a bad thing right ? Is being Naive any better ??
Well in any case I decided to do some research on ways to help myself
from overthinking... This is what I happened to come up with..

-Realize that repetitive thoughts are not going to change the situation
-Free my mind through distraction and clear my head with meditation
-Remind myself that a "'thought' is an impersonal element of my existence."

+ So as I sit here blogging about being an Overthinker multitasking talking
to Nellz via aim about our Internet addition, I realize that there is absolutely
nothing wrong with being an Overthinker. Omie is a proud Overthinker.
As long as my overthinking doesn't start to affect me negatively. I'm good.

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