lmfao.. Dry Cry

All that tough guy, Macho man Randy Savage talk really don't mean
shit to me. I'm not one of those people to act thuggish then sit at home
and cry. I'm not afraid to cry in front of anyone. We are all human beings,
We all have emotions. It ain't my fault I'm more emotional than you.
Which is cool because I'm pretty sure your chick will always give a shoulder
to cry on. haha. Stop being a bitch ass nigga [insert diddy phrase here]
In case you forgot.. Im a 100% - take that fraudulent act somewhere else.

Funny how niggaz talk about me to there chicks, then in return there chick
comes back to me on some " Yo Omie, Can you believe what this nigga said".
tisk tisk.. Im not gonna give you the grace by posting your name. not yet atleast.
What up Jessica? lmfao.

+ I seem to be everyone's topic of discussion when I cry. smh. [wipes eye]
- So many people read but don't comment. adding ip tracker soon

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