The Last Blog

They 'build you up to break you down' kinda like your favorite
energy drink. Many people have come to this very same blog site that
you are reading now, the same way you did. They spend there time
coming here to read or even just to skim thru the site only to then
criticize the blog and/or the author. When I first created, I did it with the purpose of sharing info
about PlanetMarz Entertainment && the F.A.M.E network, along with any
other form of entertainment news I found to be interesting, with people
that were interested.

However, I've gotten so many hatred and negative feedback since day one
and that has never stopped me before. I have always kept it consistent.
But at some point all that negativity builds up and eventually
I'm gonna come crashing down. I feel as if i'm somewhere close to
that point. Don't get me wrong, I get alot of positive feedback, maybe 20:1
but at the same time that one negative critic can cause my fingers to go numb.
Numb to the point the only thing I wanna type is "FUCK FUCK FUCK' &&
that is definitely not the purpose of this blog. I know I'm not the best
writer and I may not have anything mind boggling to talk about but
I do my best to accomplish [my] set goal when I started this Blog
about a year ago.

It just sucks to know that people would go out of there way to come on
here everyday and not have anything positive to say. If you don't like
my shit, stay the fuck off my shit. Point blank. Must I go out my
way to put a hater-free blog zone ?? Didn't think so. So if your
one of [those people] with all that negativity and your trying to
build me up only to break me down, well go ahead, because like your
favorite energy drink... when I come crashing down and I wanna build
back up all I got to do is have another energy drink.

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