Just a week away

It'z my chicamor's birthday in exactly a week. I am so excited...
But then I'm a little nervous. I always get nervous around this time
of the year when its gift giving time. What do you get someone that
deserves the world plus more ?? I've been thinking of so many thing..
Even though I know I probably can't afford to buy her the world.
Unless she wants me to sign over [PlanetMarz] to her.

Other than that i'm stuck on what to get her. She hasn't asked for
much [if you call a list longer than santa's naughty or nice list : not much]
besides a new phone, some sexii pumps and a dress of kourse to go
with the sexii pumps, a leather jacket, me wrapped up in a bow, a trip to
an exotic island, romantic dinner... ok ii think some of those stuff ii might
of added, but you get the point. I'm horrible with buying gifts for her.
Im so indecisive =[ grrr.. only a week left.

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