Im having a Relapse

So easily brushed off. What could of been the end of the world, is just
merely a fresh start. It seems as if I have a fresh start to my life
once every 2 weeks. lmfao. Doesn't it ?? So lets talk about who's the
real victim here ??

"She said my skin is red, I bleed green, && my tears are clear.
then she said your full of shit && really I don't care."

Atleast my headache went away. I can finally think clearly again.
I called last night to fix the situation or atleast try but all I
got was a jayz concert && "please hold" >> silence =x >> click : dial tone
So I might of lost my mind && my soul, or it could be cuz I havent
smoked in 2.5 weeks [by the way, not going to for the remainder of the year]
Either way I took my own advice on how to remain cool, calm && collective
&& it doesn't include vicodin. With that being said...

"Clearly there's something wrong `cause she didn't come home
She`s missing .. Where is she? Something fishy is going on"_Eminem

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