Early Morning Flow

Another Saturday morning && I'm up bright and early. Had to take the
chicamor to work. I'm starting to realize that one of the best things in life is
having someone around. I used to hate people, I was so stuck in my ways
of being anti-social that I really didn't care about being around anyone.
Why/What do I need people around for when I can entertain myself right ??
But as I got older [ the past couple months] It seems as if that was just
me being selfish. Started to think to myself, Even though I might not want
these people around me, maybe they need me around them. =x
Who really knows ?? I hate having questions with no answers. Gonna go back
to bed for about an hour or so. Think I can slide one more dream in about
my pookie b. before I gotta start my day.
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PlanetMarz + CoolTable meeting today at 2pm
2antennaz^ One Martian In Existence

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