The Chosen One

"Thank God for grantin me this moment of clarity
This moment of honesty .. The world'll feel my truths."

I didn't choose to be a kid born in the bronx, Neither did I choose
to be jamaican. It wasn't my decision to go to a private school in
the middle of Savannah Georgia. I might of chosen what tattoo I wanted
to get when I turned 12. But the color of my skin ? nope I didn't have
the opportunity to choose that either. What I do get to choose,
like many of ya'll, is the words I use. With that being said, I choose
them very carefully and wisely. Sidekicks, Jerry Curl, Harlem Shake,
Pokemon cards are all very much trends. But when did words become trendy ?

Perfect Example: Swagger && Grindin [two words I banned from my vocab]
6 months ago no one was really using the word Swagger it was all about
steez &&as far as Grindng >> Since when did everyone become skater's. Before it
was all about Hustling.. Not to knock anyone for using those words, I'm just
saying that I am about sick of them. Many people may agree && to be
dead honest, 6 months from now when your favorite rapper coins a new term
those words will be dead and buried with the rest that came and gone...
This is just me and my endeavor to not be one of those people caught in the
hype. "Too many sheep not enough wolves."

+ Don't dare to be different. Be who you are.
= One Martian In Existence. 2antennaz^

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