Say What...Karaoke

Tonight I got to enjoy my first of many sessions of Marioke [karaoke with dj mario]
and boy do I have a story to tell. It was definitely a night to remember. First off, let
me start by saying, my homie Jlove is a true rockstar. She goes hard with the karaoke.
Even though Sade && I might of been a little shy at first, Jayz 'Encore' definitely
loosened us up. So for the first time in a while I managed to go out and not drink
[mom you should be proud of me]. Nonetheless, I had a hella good time.
The story gets even juicier tho... So we're chillin at our table, vibing to some music,
when I look over my shoulder and I see this guy [about 35-40 yrs old] fingering
this girls booty hole. NO LIE. I have witnesses. Her pants was down below her underwear.
So me being the nosey parker that ii am, I kept looking.. The more ii looked the
more I realize I know the girl getting her booty played with. eewwww..

Here is where it gets even funnier. She looks over and realize that she knows me
& you can see the look in her eyes as if she had just seen casper the friendly ghost.
Boo Bitch. HaHa !! So the entire bar knows that these girls [ yes there were 2 of them]
are paid hookers. So now your probably asking yourself, Why does Omie know Hookers ?
Well I know alot of people. Barbers, rappers, actors, so why not know a few hookers.
lol. Anywayz the whole night was a big ball of joke and laughter. =]
I feel as if next wednesday, Im gonna get the courage to make it on stage.
Maybe. Just Maybe.

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