Phone Rules && Regulations

Never thought It would ever get to this point. I usually don't have a problem as
far as my cell phone goes but lately it seems as if its only getting worst.
Yes, I do give out my telephone number. Yes I expect people to call.
But please know that there are a few Rules & Regulations.

First I'd like to address the girls. I'm about 2 or 3 years past booty call hours.
If you aren't my girl, Please don't ever call me past midnight.
There is nothing you and I need to discuss past 11pm. =] That of Kourse,
Unless you are listed under the [Currently on Marz] section of this blog.

Second point of this blog is to address the Fellaz. There aren't too many guys out
there with my cell phone number. To be honest, the number is somewhere around
20 no more than 30. There should be no reason for any guy to call my cell past 9pm.
I don't give a fuck who you are and what you have to talk to me about.
Point Blank Period. Unless you are listed under the [Currently on Marz]
section of this blog.

Third... Unless you have an established career, Don't ever call my cell making
business propositions. lmfao. My business hours are 9am-5pm and my cell phone
is definitely not my business line. " We don't believe you, You need more people."
Like Seriously Dom, how can you help me get Sin signed when you live in the
same house as a rapper. Shouldn't you help him first. Tisk Tisk..

Fourth... [should of been 1st] If you owe me money, Don't ever call my phone
unless its time to pay. To be Continued... [omie]

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