Moment of Clarity

I never ever asked to be anyone's friend nor have I ever cared if I didnt have any.
All my real friends know that because they know how I am.
As far as my blogspot goes, I write whatever comes to mind, the same way
I say whatever comes to thought. If there has ever been a time that I may have
written something that offended you, well too bad. I could give 4,5,6 shits about it.
Im not hear to hold my tongue. "Closed mouth never get fed". I say what I please when
I please. As far as disappointments, We all get to that point sometime in out lives
with people, but before you tell me that I disappointed you, sit down and
ponder to yourself... have I been a disappointment myself? People in society tend to
always point fingers && frankly if your pointing them at me, you might as well just
ball your fist & throw a punch because words don't affect me. It should of never gotten to
this point between us [&& maybe just maybe I crossed the line] but I live with
no regrets. Hopefully one day we will meet again, look back at it and laugh...until then
PLANETMARZ. [kashkow]

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