Beware of 'Sniperman'

Just when I thought people in society couldn't get any fucking weirder,
Sniper Man comes along and proves me wrong. Lets take it back to the start.
Its around 6pm Sunday night and I'm driving down Royal Palm to go hit up Sin.
I pull up in his neighborhood, with AshOutrageous driving directly
in front of me, when I spot a guy dressed in full camoflauge looking
through binoculars, staring down the street as if he is bird watching.
I turn to ashley and say "did you see the guy in the bushes".

So because She nor Sin saw the guy, I figured it would be a good idea to
drive by one more time to see what he was doing. We get to the front of the
complex where the guy was standing, and to our knowledge, he
is no longer there. Until I realize the guy is now crouching in the bushes
[like he was taking a shit] completely camoflauged. So we leave the
neighborhood and drove around a little bit before deciding
"Well lets go see what he is really up to"... It seemed really wierd
that a guy would spend his sunday night bent over in a bush..
So we pull back into the complex, and without a doubt 'sniperman'
is still roaming around. So now we are all freaked out because it seems
as if he is about to start picking off targets with his M107 .50 cal rifle.
Either that or he aint got no life and we were just paranoid..
Either way we headed outta that mutha'fuckka as fast as we could.
So if you here about niggaz getting popped on RP... Be afraid of 'Sniperman'

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