Untitled - In Stores Now

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Marley the Martian
This is the most anticipated CD release since Lil Wayne.
And the most controversial I've heard in years.
Originally, this CD was to be called N.I.G.G.E.R, but the parent company fought against it.
As did many citizens and black folks. The CD was pushed back as a result.
Finally, as a compromise, Nas dropped the previous title, but not the subject matter.

This CD is complex. It's deep and thought provoking.
It's inspirational. It's historical. And it's proliferated with the dreaded n-word.
**N-word meaning Nigger/Nigga ..

4 Response to "Untitled - In Stores Now"

  1. Picked it up earlier today... The man is a poet/radical/motivational speaker... He's really making history, its hate it or love it with this guy.


  2. I'm feelin Fried Chicken, Black President, point blank the whole album from track 1 to track 15. Nas is truly spitting that knowledge. Niggas need to open up their ears because you can truly learn something from this album


  3. Lloyd Said,

    I know Iam kinda late on this post about the Nas Album! This is just my honest opinion and I feel the Hiphop heads would be on the samepage as me! This album he could of came more harder.Yah he Lyricly on point but he needs to stop being stubborn and have better beats! This dude would kill JAYz with album sales if he had better production.
    Give what the consumers want. I want this dude to go back to Nas.I am when he was dealing wit DJ Premiere... Then you would see whats up... Back to the Roots of NY state of Mind -Let me know if i am wrong!!!!!


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