Pretty Boy Bam Bam

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Mr. Sole Mentality
We told you once and we're going to tell you again.
Pretty Boy Bam Bam is going to be a BEAST when he begins competing.
Only one more year until he'll be in the ring taking kids lunch money.
Bam Bam has taken youtube by storm with his amazing box skills.
Here he is on the Best Damn Sports Show.

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5 Response to "Pretty Boy Bam Bam"

  1. KMarz Said,

    75 hit combo was goody


  2. Im stunned... Young boui the truth!~


  3. Omie Said,

    $100 dollars na'shawn whoop this dood


  4. You're probably right, it takes more than just doing these combos to whoop somebody in the ring.You're not gonna do a 75 hit combo on anyone unless there that garbage. This ain't Mortal Kombat


  5. DC to BC Said,

    i feel like this clip was inspired by me. by me i mean my post. lol.


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