No Off Days... No Days Off

Whatz up world? PlanetMarz?
How's all my readers doing? I hope all is well.
Have ya'll been enjoying the blogspot?
Its been a couple months now && the feedback has been awesome.
Anyways... today is the first day I've taken off from work
since ... geez. since about a year now..
My 9-5 job that is.. No off days on Marz.. and it feels wierd.
Its about 1pm right now and i'm waking up from my 2nd nap
how lovely ?? Spent the morning watching tv
... haven't done that in a while.
I think thats what made me take that second nap.. lolz
The rest of the day might look something like this -
Eat :: Clean Car :: Shop for the bbq manana :: nap
yes yes ii know ii know ---
but the naps are well deserved... seriously
well, i'm gonna go start my day.. so til next time ..
2 antennaz ^ .. peace out.

*** 4th of July BBQ *** tomorrow
Ft. Lauderdale bch @ 12pm
Food, Liquor && Good music
Come celebrate the holiday
as well as Chief Tony mixtape release
Tone-pendence day ...
brought to you by PlanetMarz && BCoolEnt

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