Thinking About Buying a Mac....

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If you're like me and are thinking about getting a Mac, then here is a perk that may add reason to why you should go ahead and get one. Apple is running a promo that college students can buy a Mac and get a free 8GB ipod touch or 8GB Nano after a $299 rebate. The offer is also good for faculty and staff members. The promotion will run till September 15th. Qualify Macs are the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac model.

2 Response to "Thinking About Buying a Mac...."

  1. I AM NIQUE Said,

    MAC's are the shit BUTTTTTTTTT don't get the Air it's completely wireless when it comes to its accessories meaning more money when you can just get a MacBook or MackBook Pro which are faster and come with more programs on it. The Air is sleeker but not made for a college students, Its not big enough for certain ports if I recall correctly when I was in the Apple store I believe the only port was the power adaptor and many 1 USB port ... not a good look trust me if you have ScanDisk, Printers, Scanners, Digital Camera's ..etc

    So take it from a Apple Junkiie and go for the MacBook Pro pplz mine is moving just fine

    Peace ;)



  2. garyj Said,

    agreed...the air is for MBAs or other business pros.

    I bought my macbook in january...and i didn't get an ipod with it....But i still love it. Kinda wish i woulda waited a bit cuz this deal is sweet.


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