Omie'z Big Avdenture

Crazy Nite last nite. Wanna hear about it ?? Good
So me and my homie CT was chillin last. About to put 1 up.
Decided we were gonna go to this crib we had keys for. =]
Never been to the house. Don't even know who's house >>tru story
Keys were involved so we said what the heck. Why not ??
We pull up to the house, Parked and Scoped. Kool.
So we walked up to the door and in the window are 2 big ass dogs
Ok. No Prob, since neither of us are afraid of dogs.
We open the door, ya!! we had the key, don't ask questions..
Walked in and the dogs start coming towards the door. aight aight
No Big deal. Pet the Doggy's and keep it moving.
So we walk past the dogs to about the kitchen. HAHA!!
Here comes the crazy part. Ya'll ready....
So as soon as we walked past the dogs and the kitchen >>
Both dogs blocked off the front door.
Take into consideration, the dogs were nice when we came in.
As soon as they blocked off the front door. They snapped.
Ohh Geezzz.. Woof Woof Woof. The dogs started to go buckwild.
By this time, CT and I are locked up in a room, pondering ::: ???
Like what the fuck is really going on..
So CT walked out the room to check to see..
Seconds out > Seconds In. The dogs are gettin even more vicious,
barking louder and louder. Make a long story Short.
We ended up having to sneak out through the window...
Unbelievable. Having the keys to a house and sneaking out..
Fucking Crazy ass Dogs ruined my night..Not really..
Shit was crazy....FUNNY. Did make it out free from any bites tho.
Too bad all this wasnt on video...

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