Just My Thoughts....

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Alright, we all know cigarettes have been around for years. We also know that there been so many commercials, rallies, medication and many other things to try to prevent people from smoking them. Due to the fact of all the complications that cigarettes have on the body. I don't knock nobody for doing what they do, but what trips me out is when I sitting at home and was watching a commercial for a Tobacco Free Florida. If we're really going to try and stop people from smoking cigarettes, then why don't they just banned the shit. I mean they do it with Marijuana and now there about to do it with Salvia(so go get your last re-up before they pass the law). I think the government have something to do with I said it just my thoughts.

2 Response to "Just My Thoughts...."

  1. Omie Said,

    our world is too far in with there tobacco addiction for them to ban it completely. Tobacco Industry is too rich to shut down. There is no solution and making weed legal wont do. People will always and forver smoke tobacco. They been smoking it since Colonial America.


  2. I feel you, but if there gonna waste our tax dollars on these commercials and different ways to stop people from smoking then they should ban the shit. Don't waste our money on research when it could go to things like the antiretroviral drug to help people living with AIDS. That why I say the government has to do something with the profit tobacco is making for them not to just ban it.


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