Jay-Z Full Performance at Glastonbury

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Mr. Sole Mentality
Here is Jay-Z performance at Glastonbury....
and they thought hip hop would ruin it.

at the end click on the videos to see the different parts to the concert.....

4 Response to "Jay-Z Full Performance at Glastonbury"

  1. In the first couple mins of the video is it me or does Jay really not know the words to that Oasis song... I wont front Hov looked stoned 4 like 3 mins "tryin" to sing that mess. LOL!


  2. Oh and im fully aware the reason he even came out with that song was because Noel Gallagher had his panties in a bunch that Jay was headlining! Which is totally wak, almost as wak as Amy Winehouse calling Kanye West a "Coon..." I didn't even know people still said that word???


  3. my bad im trippin i meant to say a "cunt" correction... That one too, ppl dont say that one either lol... My b!


  4. ocroney Said,

    yea besides the 1st couple mins. lol hov did his thing.Lupe did his thing 2.


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