In South Africa, Chinese is the New Black

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Marley the Martian
A high court in South Africa ruled on Wednesday that Chinese-South Africans will be reclassified as “black,” a term that includes black Africans, Indians and others who were subject to discrimination under apartheid. As a result of this ruling, Chinese will be able to benefit from government affirmative action policies aimed at undoing the effects of apartheid. This is not the first time the ethnic status of Chinese in South Africa has changed. In fact, the racial classification of Chinese-South Africans has often shifted with the nation’s political climate and its international relations. Since 1994, South Africa has seen waves of immigrants and investment from China, and today there are as many as 300,000 Chinese living in the South Africa. But the new court decision is unlikely to benefit most of them or trigger another mass migration– it applies only to ethnic Chinese who were South African citizens before 1994 (and their descendants), a much smaller number of around 10,000 to 12,000.

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2 Response to "In South Africa, Chinese is the New Black"

  1. Nellz Said,

    I think its stupid....i dont think this will hold up in a few years....if anything i think they should be under the white class and deal with not gettin the job promo or the business shit lol.....jacob zumba or whatever his name is should ask more questions or read more into this bc did they not sue the government bc they talking about how they up there with the whites but are treated like the in other words are they content with getting to be called the new black not that there is nothing wrong with being black but u feel me?..... the outcome of that should have been ok lets look into more why the chinese feel they are treated as whites until they want to be promoted or trying to get on top of what the want.....this is a whole lot of bull...smhhhh xoxo


  2. Its just funny to me that Chinese people wouldn't protest this themselves. Racism has no limits man! I cant believe that in 2008 something like this is still possible... Dont get me wrong I know its South Africa and the Apharthied still has its remnents but this is out right silly. Anyway hope this doesn't have stayin power cus its foundation is str8 wak. Dont people get it? Racist legislation always has an expiration date... An this one taste rotten from jump.


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