Hello World. PlanetMarz

Whats up everyone? Whats up world? PlanetMarz. Earthlings. How's everyone's week wrapping up? Great!! Well today seems to be a pretty decent start to such an unlucky day. Friday the 13th. I feel like ii should be home in bed with popcorn watching Jason and Freddy Kruger movies. But nope, Im at work, 9am in the morning, tired outta my mind all because some1 wanted to keep me up til 4am. Aaaahhhh!!! Im getting bags under my eyes. =[

Anywho, Friday the 13th! Does anyone remember the last time the 13th landed on a Friday? $100 to the 1st person to comment the answer. haha. Sike. So is anything kool going on tonite ?? Any parties?? Well Omie be roaming his city, at very slow speed of kourse, getting and giving alotta trouble tonight. Im feeling so mischievous for some reason. hhhmmmm!! I have an idea people. Meet me at the courthouse at 10pm tonite. Bring Duct tape, scissors, 2 large garbage bags, the carter 3 cd, matches, shovel, and 13 toothpicks...Remember now, don't forget to bring the Duct tape.

Well see you at 10pm. Enjoy the day.
Im outtie.. 2 antennaz ^

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