Gas theft on the rise

The surveillance tape shows a white car pulling up to a Chevron station in Charlotte, N.C., after closing time. Two men emerge, tinker with a gas pump and somehow manage to activate it. Before long, vehicles begin filing through, as the two men direct them and help fill up their tanks. One trucker tops off at least three 55-gallon drums. The video shows drivers paying off the two men and making calls on their cell phones, perhaps summoning friends to partake in the bonanza. "I watched at least 20 cars come through over several hours" on the surveillance footage, says Detective Bill Riggins of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, who is investigating the incident. "It was organized. [The two men] appeared to know who was coming." The night's haul: roughly 800 gallons, leaving the gas station owner on the hook for about $4,000...

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