The Carter III is here.....

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Mr. Sole Mentality
The highly anticipated album is finally here and is ready for you to pick it up at your local music store. So far I got a lot of mixed reviews about this album (since many of your guys got the bootleg). I guess I'll have to hear it for myself to find out. I wonder if he will do Kayne's number within the first week, I know I'll be walking into the store today to pick up my copy.

Other releases set today are:
N.E.R.D.- Seeing Sounds
Jr Writer- Politics and Bullshit
Plies- Definition of Real

2 Response to "The Carter III is here....."

  1. Hu$tle Simmon$ Said,

    *scratches forehead*...hmmm ok the carter 3 is a good album, but if no one will say it, i will.....thank you kanye west!! bcuz this dude ye lased wayne with some killer tracks for his album and that track "comfortable" ft. babyface is on kanye's promotion mixtape which he dropped last year for graduation....donno why wayne would have ye's track on his album, but wayne gonna do the numbers like kanye did??? this is a big discussion/debate i've been having with people for the past month and i gotta say...NO!!! wayne is a good artist but he's not banging out numbers like Ye did on graduation, i checked the stats kanye sold over 957,000 units in less than six days after releasing Graduation, which means...let's do math children we're gonna give wayne the least possible so we divide 900,000 by 6...that equals.....150,000 a day!! now record stores are open from....9 a.m. to 9 p.m., right??? so let's do some more math divide 150,000 by 12 hrs and we get.....*drum roll* 12,500 units!! which means wayne would have to sell ATLEAST 12,500 units to fuck with kanye's first week and according to soundscan Kanye had one of the highest units sold in their history since i hate to say it but the carter 3 reminds me of cam'ron's "purple haze" album, he said some shit here and there but wat made the album was the beats, dont lie to yourself. and another thing that has been bugging me, i love this hip hop game but how is it that we're looking at Lil Wayne as this hot artist and saying he's the best rapper when this dude's highest selling album barely did platinum and he basically says the same thing every mixtape/freestyle. so since the variety of hot/unique hip hop artist has fallen, does that mean our standards should as well and we take watever comes our way and love it??? i donno someone put me out of my misery and answer this plzzzzzz.


  2. KMarz Said,

    7.15.08 Nas album will be the album to look out for, weezy is aight NOT the best and nowhere near it, he has some more time to go and his units gonna sell but not more than Kanye no way no how unless he buys like 50 thousand of his own CD to give away.I went to the store today and i seen like 5 kids buy Carter 3, so i say 40 percent of album sales are going to be kids, but anyway who cares wayne will be aight whatever numbers he put out. CARTER 2 was my shit


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