Sunday Extravaganza

Whats up everyone ? Hope all is well with everyone. First and foremost i'd like to thank the 'Almighty One' for giving me such wonderful friends. Im not one to have many but the little that I do have, I appreciate very much. [Lets get money].

Saturday Nite ended like a Lupe Cd. Well sorta. It ended with Food & Liquor from Bru's Room. YumYum [Halftime]**. Went Home and went to sleep... zzz...Woke up this morning at 7am, as I do every morning.

Went to the beach and got my South Beach tan on without stepping a foot in Miami. Hehe. Had lunch with the Biffle. Mz. Prince[$$] your the best. Home to Shower. On some spa type shit today. Resting up for a beautiful monday.

One Martian In Existence.
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