Spoken Truth

Once in a while, I come across quotes that put new meaning to the words "Inspiration" & "Motivation". Well at least in Omie'z perspective and lifestyle. So the other day I was browsing thru my Global Linkz and happen to go on my homegirl Nellz' blogspot. Shout out to Squad Deep [Nellz,Young,Esco,Shaka..] After scrolling down past the title, the first words read...

"The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing..."_Nellz

After reading that opening line, it dawned on me. I felt a new feeling. Like a new emotion. I wasn't happy or sad. I wasn't moody or grumpy. I wasn't smiling nor frowning. I was simply just intrigued by her quote. It made me come to the realization that >> in my mind >> If " the art of living is more like wrestling than dancing", which I completely agree with, Why are kids being taught how to 2 step and tango rather than figure fours and sleepers? Please don't take me literally. WordPlay. We [the people] need to teach our kids [the future] how to play the right sport. All I'm saying is "Don't expect a dancer to win a wrestling match against Andre the Giant."

Nellz ::
Omie ::

2 Response to "Spoken Truth"

  1. Nellz Said,

    Love it Omie!!! xoxo and ummm how come you have not been at our house for a min now??? lol hit us up..


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