Soulja Girl v. Old Lady

Police in Atlanta’s public transportation have issued a warrant for the arrest of a young woman known as “Soulja Girl” after she was seen violently rebuking an elderly woman on a subway line. The woman was seen screaming on the train at the elderly woman while reciting lyrics to the rapper Soulja Boy. The woman is seen on a widely-viewed video screaming, “Yaaa, n***a, yaaa” and “I’ma beat you’re a** on this train.” She also called the senior citizen a hoe and a b***h and threatened to kill her.

Wanda Y. Dunham, the chief of police for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), issued a statement requesting help in arresting the female.

Shit like this makes me sick. Is this bitch retarded.
Aint the one to hit a chick but shit...
i'd yoke the shit outta her if I was on that train

2 Response to "Soulja Girl v. Old Lady"

  1. Omie Said,

    this is one wild bitch..
    yah bitch yah!!


  2. Oatz Said,

    wtf waz dat bitch on???


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