Midweek Crisis

F°ŖṣÐŘØŴ Marley the Martian
Wednesday 6:48am >> I wake up to the sound of the most annoying ring tone in the world. I tried putting my pillows over my head but that didn't work, as the phone kept ringing and ringing. The more the phone rang the more frustrated I got knowing that I would have to get up to answer it only to spazz on someone for calling me this early. So eventually it stopped without me having to leave the marvelous niche I had made in my bed.

So around 8am, I get back from a little exercise, and decided before my shower for work, I would "Love Jones" for a little. So ii made a quick call to the mizzez just to say good morning :: really made my day :: before I hoped in the shower. Damn that hot water makes a martian feel relaxed. After my shower, I got dressed and drove to work.

Now Im here at work. Its Wednesday. I got tons to do.
So til next time. Peace Out :: 2 antennas ^

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