Fuck Mixtape DJ's...

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If the "Best Rapper Alive" statement wasn't enough, Weezy says that he created the mixtape game and doesn't fuck with no mixtape DJs. In all honest opinion, the mixtape tape game is what keeps his name alive. I guarantee that 90 percent of his fan base who loves Weezy is because of the tracks he got on mixtapes than any of his Carter albums. I hope Carter III, which is set to release June 10, will save his career since he did it all himself with no help of the mixtape DJs.
Check out the audio snippet:

I wonder how many mixtapes will feature Lil Wayne now....

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  1. KMarz Said,

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  2. KMarz Said,

    Wayne is on the lean way to hard, without the mixtape game wayne career wouldnt be where its at now.dude just speak to speak and half the time Wayne be drugged up way to bad. he will have to be his own {DJ babys Williams son} on the 1&2s, Carter 3 better be crazy but i dout it with all that weezy F Pain voice bullshit, he is a creative rapper but tighten up weezy check out that Young Chris and Weezy joint called Paradise type fire he explain how how he is lol Kmarz PME


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