So apparently [dream] did some bitch shit and was going around telling other people that he dont fux with [polow] but then its all good when they see each other. hmmmm??? sounds like some one ii know.. >>ya smell me .. Check out the Interview from Rhapsody.

What was the whole situation with you and The-Dream?
Polow Da Don: He had some things to say through people that work with both of us. I was trying to work with him. When it wasn’t happening, I was like, “Damn.” But when he sees me, he’d be like, “Yo, I’ve been calling you.” So I’m just really lost. Both of us are really good friends with Jazze Pha. If anybody really wants to find me, they can find me. We were trying to really get in with Keri [Hilson] ‘cause I wanted him to do the first single with Keri. Eventually people started telling me, “Yo, he’s not going to work with you. Because you did this and you did that. He don’t like you.” It was from people that were mutual friends all the way down to girls. So I was like, "Damn, I can’t believe he’s saying this, that and the other," but when I see him, it’s all good. So that’s kind of what made me aggravated. So that’s when I went on the radio in Atlanta like, “Dream, you a girl.” ‘Cause to me, that’s what a bitch is.

What was he upset about in the first place?
Polow Da Don: He just had a lot of crazy negative things to say and we had a meeting where we were together. He kind of started acting out on all those things. So when we left the meeting, I was like, “Yo, Keri. We just came from this meeting. Dream was there acting crazy. He was saying subliminal stuff.” She was like, “Well, he ain’t want me to tell you, but he ain’t f*ck*ng with you.” I was like, “Oh man. He a bitch. Why he ain’t just tell me that?” After I said what I said on the radio, Jazze called me and his manager reached out to me, like, “Dream don’t want no problems. It was a misunderstanding.” I don’t think it was ever going to be on no real beef sh*t ‘cause I don’t think he want to take it there. But after that I didn’t approach it no more about him working with me and Keri. Plus, there’s a couple other writers that nailed it. We got a first single now and we just kept it moving. It was very entertaining for myself.

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