What's your fav. Hova line ??

The concert is tomorrow people.
Most of ya'll talked about it. Well PlanetMarz is living it
Floor Seats Nigga :: Row 14 if you really looking for Omie
But anywayz felt like posting one of my fav lines.
Whatz your ??

"This is crew love, move music or move drugs
Rival crews get your black suits up - I never change"
_Never Change // The Blueprint

1 Response to "What's your fav. Hova line ??"

  1. kMarz Said,

    I’d do a bid, loose a rib, bust a cap, trustin' that
    Run up to heaven doors, exchange my life for yours
    Leave a steak out the door, mi casa, su casa
    Just remember to turn the lights off in the hall
    My brother from anotha pop, minus one shot
    We Neno and G-Money man, we all we got
    From the stoop to the big dudes, stoppin' us from playin' hoops
    And us gettin mad, throwin' rocks off the roof
    Straight thuggin' man, I thought we would never progress
    But look at us now man, we're young execs
    My nigga Omie, my nigga nale, my nigga RY
    My nigga Otis, my nigga papi
    We embody all that’s right with the world
    No matter how pretty she is, you never likin' my girl
    That's how we run, when you ain’t around
    I'll spank ya son, keep him in line
    If you should die, I’ll keep him like mine
    God forbid, keep this in mind, my nigga Jayz- Anything Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter


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