Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,I think our relationship needs some editing. We used 2 keep in contact on a normal, healthy basis,but now things r out of hand. Ur unavoidable, addicting & overwhelming.I appreciate u reminding me of my friends bdays & keeping me informed on current events, but I cant take u bombarding me w/a million requests/pokes. Ur virtually smotherin me. U already know my fav quotes, movies & music. Now your wondering when Ill get married & what my K. Sutra position is! I don't need another roll of toilet paper, voodoo doll or fat buddah man. All thats so uncalled for!More disturbing, you've managed 2 turn me into somewhat of a stalker! Lets break 4m ea other..Plz don't think I'm parting w/u bcuz my boyfriend doesn't want us spending time 2gether..That's not it. I just need some time 2 explore me, beyond what fits in my "about me" section.Go ahead n write me a negative message in my honesty box..-Lex

Ok Lexii. You have officially taken the prize for funniest away message.
Expect Omie to write a myspace version.

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